Mosquito Pest Control services in CT

“SafeYard provides Natural Mosquito Yard Spray Services, one of the best in Connecticut. Our organic mosquito treatment not only eradicates mosquitos from your yard but keeps them away! “

Mosquitoes carry threatening diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zeka and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) viruses. Last year was a record year in Connecticut for EEE. Our natural mosquito yard spray services reduce the risk of contracting these diseases by reducing your family’s exposure to mosquitoes.

Our trained specialist will visit your property every two weeks, performing a complete evaluation, making suggestions to reduce mosquito environments. Then we will treat areas where mosquitoes harbor using our organic mosquito spray. Areas of standing water will be treated with our natural larvicide, killing any mosquitoes that come in contact with our natural mosquito treatment, and creating a barrier to repel mosquitoes entering your yard for up to 14 days.

Mosquito Control Service
$55 per visit

$55.00 per visit

Requires 2 visits/month
Invoiced monthly up to ¼ acre

$55 per visit

$55.00 per visit

Requires 2 visits/month
Invoiced monthly up to ¼ acre

Non Toxic, Natural Organic Mosquito Control Services and Treatment

Don’t Panic Its Organic

We only use organic all-natural 25b exempt products and products certified by The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), as certified for organic use in our Natural mosquito control program. No harmful synthetic pesticides, Non Toxic Mosquito Control. Safer for your family, pets and the environment.
Our products are Bee and Butterfly safe, while Synthetic pesticides, though effective on mosquitoes, are deadly to our pollinators such as Bees and Butterflies. Those Synthetic pesticides designed to kill mosquitoes are also deadly to aquatic life. Those synthetic pesticides are prohibited from being used around water bodies. Our natural treatment can be used right up to the water’s edge. So if you live on a lake or have a pond in your yard, Safeyard is your choice for Organic Mosquito Treatment in Connecticut.

Mosquito Yard and Garden Spray Services

Our trained technician will first perform a complete evaluation of your property. Identifying areas where mosquitoes breed is key to reducing the mosquito population on your property. One mosquito can lay 500 eggs, which can hatch into larvae in 24 hours and emerge to adult mosquitoes within 7-10 days. Anything that collects a small amount of water makes an excellent spot for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Wheelbarrows, containers, pool covers, even an upside down frisbee, are potential breeding grounds. Where possible these containers will be emptied out, larger bodies of water will be treated with our natural larvicide which kills the larvae.
Additional tips for mosquito prevention include: cleaning your gutters regularly, practicing proper pool maintenance, changing water in birdbaths weekly.
Proper control requires managing both the egg stage and the adult stage. Because mosquitoes are small soft body insects, they are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Direct sunlight can dehydrate them causing death. Due to this, mosquitoes seek shaded areas during the day. The cool shade of wooded areas, bushes, under decks and the underside of leaves are perfect harbourage areas. We concentrate our treatment to these areas, then we spray the entire perimeter of your yard and outdoor living areas to create a barrier to repel mosquitoes from entering the area.
Mosquitoes start to hatch and become active when temperatures reach 50 degrees so don’t wait until your yard is infested, take a proactive approach and call Safeyard, the #1 Organic Mosquito Control Service in Connecticut.
We know you have choices when choosing Mosquito Removal Services, so we offer the following piece of mind:
• Easy Monthly billing
• No Contracts, cancel at anytime

Our Mosquito Spray Service Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with our mosquito spray service, we will respray your property Free of Charge
  • We will always use naturally derived products, no synthetic pesticides
  • We will always move kids, pet and personal items out of the spray zone
  • We always call ahead to let you know we are coming
  • We will always leave a report of what we did

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