How Long Can Ants Live Underwater

You may be wondering how ants submerged in water and how long they can survive underwater; actually, if an ant is submerged in water there are high possibility that the ant will survive.

The ant will survive because it can breathe through its body and lowering its bodily functions to use less oxygen.

you may also be wondering how they do that right? in this content, we’ll explore the fascinating world of ants and their interactions with water.

Then we’ll also know how long ants can live underwater? Can Ants Breathe Underwater? Can Ants Survive In Hot Water? Do Any Ants Live In Water? and a lot more, Read along as shed light on their remarkable adaptations. 

How Long Can Ants Live Underwater

Ants are known as remarkable creatures that have adapted to various environments, but their ability to survive underwater is limited. why is that?

Here it is, Ant approximately live for 24hrs under underwater and that it solely depends on the types of water and the water temperature, most importantly.

Not all ants can survive for a long extended period when fully submerged. Their survival time can range from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the factors. 

However, it’s important to respect the natural habitat of ants and avoid subjecting them to unnecessary harm or submersion in water.

Can Ants Breathe Underwater

How Long Can Ants Live Underwater

Breathing underwater is not a natural capability for ants. Unlike aquatic insects or organisms, ants lack the necessary adaptations to respire in an underwater environment. 

Surprisingly, an ant can close these spiracles during water submergence and lower necessary bodily functions by entering a torpor-like state.

In this torpor-like state, the ant requires less oxygen than it needs while sleeping and the lower the water temperature, the easier it is for the ant to maintain this lower metabolism and survive longer than usual underwater.

Can Ants Survive In Hot Water?

The answer is definitely, No. When it comes to hot water. However, ants can not withstand extreme hot  temperatures.

While their resilient nature allows them to endure a wide range of conditions, including heat, hot water poses a significant threat to their survival. 

Can Ants Swim In Soapy Water?

When it comes to soapy water, the situation changes. Soap breaks down the surface tension of water, making it difficult for ants to remain buoyant. As a result, ants have a harder time staying afloat in soapy water than in plain water.

When ants come into contact with soapy water, the soap molecules interfere with the ants’ water-repellent coating, causing them to become wet and sink. 

Do Any Ants Live In Water?

When it comes to ants, we often associate them with land-dwelling creatures that build intricate colonies on the ground. However, it may surprise you to know that there are, indeed, ants that can live and thrive in water.

While most ants prefer terrestrial habitats, certain species have developed unique adaptations that allow them to navigate aquatic environments.

Aquatic ants, also known as water ants, have evolved specific characteristics that enable them to survive and thrive in water-based habitats. 

These ants’ specialized physical features and behaviors make them well-suited for their aquatic lifestyles.


In conclusion, the exact duration that ants can live underwater varies depending on species, age, and environmental conditions. Some species can survive for a few minutes, while others may endure for several hours. 

However, it’s important to note that ants are primarily terrestrial insects, and their survival underwater is limited. Their ability to breathe and function underwater is typically a temporary adaptation rather than a long-term capability. 

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