Pesticides to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may be small but their buzzing sound and bite scars are extremely bothersome. Getting bitten is the next most annoying thing about mosquitoes, and so having them around is quite annoying. They are tiny creatures that can get you into great medical troubles and this is what you have to look out for.

From causing itching to infecting you with virus, there are numerous ways they can hurt and get you sick. However, there are various ways of fending away this danger and stay safe from them. One way is to avail Mosquito Spray Services CT along with using pesticides for this purpose. Nonetheless, the goal is to stay safe and here we guide you through all you need to know about it.

How Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

Mosquitoes carry great hazards in their stings that affect you in the form of itching and scars. On a more extreme level, they pose major threats of some serious diseases and illnesses. Here are a few ways how mosquitoes can cause you some health issues.


Mosquito bites can cause you malaria which is a common disease that cause life-threatening hazards to you by targeting your red blood cells and destroying them. It’s only in case of early diagnosis that you have your chances to recover from it once you get infected from it

Yellow Fever

Mosquitoes can get you in serious conditions with one of them being Yellow fever which disturbs your body’s functions greatly. It is a virus that leads to inflammation in your brain and hits the spinal cord with the same problem.

Dengue Fever

The most recent virus that the mosquitoes have brought is the Dengue fever. It makes the infected person’s health deteriorate to a dire condition by giving him or her high fever, muscle soreness, joint pain, and so much more. In the worst case, the infected person might even die if not treated appropriately or on time.

West Nile Virus

It is a disease that doesn’t show many symptoms which is what makes it even more deadly. In some cases, the infected person might get symptoms like that of flu. Also, in the direst cases, a person might develop a major illness in the nervous system.

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is the milder one among all the lethal viruses which shows causes the usual symptoms of fever, rash, joint pain, and more. It affects a woman who gets pregnant after a bite from this kind of mosquito in the most destructive way.

How to fight mosquito bites?

There are numerous ways of staying safe from mosquito bites which involves taking the required precautions and taking care of your hygiene in every way. Have a look at all you can do to stay safe from mosquito bites.

  • Use mosquito repellents and lotions on every part of your body that isn’t covered with clothing
  • Install screens and nets in all the areas where you spend the most time and is exposed to mosquitoes
  • Keep your skin covered as you go outdoors since mosquitoes can only bite you skin when it is right open for them
  • Try to avoid sitting in wooded areas with greenery around as this is where there are most mosquitoes hovering ready to bite you
  • Ensure wearing bright-colored clothes and strong scents as this is major source of attraction for mosquitoes 
  • Use mosquito control pesticides to keep these annoying and harmful creature away from yourself

Pesticides Rescuing You from Mosquito Hazards 

Spraying pesticides is the most effective and long-lasting method of getting rid of mosquitoes. The pesticides available for killing mosquitoes are one safety precaution that will act as a shield against mosquitoes. You can apply them in different ways that include direct use on the skin, in the water to control mosquito larvae, and by fogging to control adult mosquitoes. The pesticides that could be used are Citronella, Pyrethrins, Synthetic Pyrethroid Pesticides, Resmethrin, and more like these.

Safety Precautions While Using Pesticides

Using pesticides to kill mosquitoes is effective only when it does the job rightly which depends highly on how you use it. Here’s all you need to look after while using pesticides.

  • Never apply the pesticide directly on your face as it could cause extreme irritation. Instead, pour some out on your hands and then apply it
  • Do not apply heavy amounts on your skin as more amount doesn’t give more protection. Check for how much time it stays effective on the skin and reapply once its effects wear off
  • Apply them on the exposed part of your skin and clothing instead of putting it on under the clothing
  • Keep the pesticides away from the reach of children as it is injurious to their health if they consume it orally
  • Read the instructions on the label well before using it to optimize its effects and ensure using it rightly

In a nutshell

Mosquito pesticides are one method of keeping them away and staying relaxed without getting stung or infected by them. You can fight them using various other means as well by taking the right precautions but using pesticides addresses the situation from the grass-root level.

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