How Does Natural Mosquito Treatments Work?

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and deadly pest whose activity is at its peak in summers spreading several kinds of airborne disease. A single bite of disease-carrying mosquitoes can have fatal effects on the health of humans and pets. There are at least 52 pieces of mosquitoes in Connecticut, these species can multiply their population within two days and then breed again.

Especially in summer, it is necessary to protect your house parameters from mosquitoes and prevent any chance of mosquito inhabitant.

When it comes to mosquito elimination there are two methods and multiple types of sprays. However, today the majority of individuals prefer natural spray treatment over synthetic or whole chemical-based treatments.

Natural solutions are organic ingredient-based and are environmentally friendly especially for pollinators and aquatic life. Several people argue that the natural treatments are not as effective as the chemical-based barrier treatments and the treatment should be reapplied every two weeks for complete protection.

The argument is slightly convincing because organic and diluted treatments are less harsh and effective as compared to chemical-based treatments. However, the result of the harsh chemicals remains for over one week extra only as compared to the organic treatment and require reapplication as well. The constant exposure to chemical-based treatments has long term effects on the health of pets and family.

Moreover, while the organic treatments are deemed less effective but the constant exposure to natural treatment have no side effects on the living organisms at all. You may re-apply the solution every three weeks without any worry.

In order to choose the right treatment, you need to consider a few of the questions mentioned below which will also help describe the professional better about your preferences.

  • Are you looking for targeted treatments for a specific part of the property?
  • What is the width of your pool and whether you are planning to spray near it?
  • Are there shaded areas and any natural source of water on and around your property?
  • Is there any untamed grass and open ponds near the perimeter of your house? Do you want to spray there as well?

 Often professionals also ask you these questions to give you a quote for the services or guide you better about which treatment is effective as well healthy for you.

How Does the Natural Mosquito Treatment CT Works?

Natural mosquito sprays are environment friendly with lasting effects. These sprays are composed of natural/ organic repellent ingredients such as oils extracted from plants such as chrysanthemum flower, several essential oils such as peppermint and cedar oils

The formula of natural sprays naturally deters the pest and insects from the property and creates a bubble of protection. Although the professionals try their best to avoid direct application on the plant blooms, vegetable gardens, and flower beds/ streams, anyhow the natural treatment is not harmful to the pollinators or the green organisms.

The treatment is initiated in the daylight targeting the feeding and resting mosquitoes around your house and the migrating ones as well as they come in contact with dried treated foliage.

The spray is applied to trees, shrubs, and tall grasses where the mosquitoes rest during the day time.

To eliminate the future breed of mosquitoes, a natural larvicide is used to target the mosquito’s larvae in the standing water and break the mosquito life. Once in contact, the larvae mosquitoes die immediately before reaching the active stage of life.  The natural larvicides are safe for aquatic life as well if you want them applied near ponds and creeks.

The larvicide is generally based on a component called Bacillus Thuringiensis serovar Israelensis to BTI for short, the BTI is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that kills larva after indigestion. The natural BTI solution is applied in a form of granular or biscuit shape depending on the size of the water. This can be applied for standing waters as well bird dishes or ponds.

How Long Does It Take For Treatment To Work?

Once the treatment covers all parameters of your property, the treatment takes about 30 minutes to dry after which you are safe to come out of your house and uncover the windows and ventilation of the house. After the treatment, you may witness a few mosquitoes since the species migrate from one place to another in order to feed and breed. However, as they come near the treated area the ingredients will work repelling the mosquitoes away from the house.

You will see drastic results within 24 hours and depending on the type of area and treatment you opt for, the effect may last between 10 to 18 days. After the organic treatment, you feel relieved and will be able to enjoy the patio and lawn in the scorching summers.

We always advise our customers to use body repellents when residing in the open area as there is still a risk of migrating mosquitoes bite.

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