Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in the Yard

When you go out in the back yard, you want to walk with only serenity around. The tranquility that comes from being close to nature releases all your pressures and makes you feel better. However, it’s not very peaceful when you find intruders hovering in the yard.  

It’s the mosquitoes that act as a source of a major nuisance when all you want is relaxation. Their buzzing sound and bites are mood-spoilers. Also, they don’t just threaten your peace but your health as well. And so, it is vital to know all about how to get rid of mosquitoes.  

Mosquitoes as a Major Health Threat  

Mosquitoes are extremely hazardous as their stings carry harmful affects them. Their bites cause you itching that develops into scars and more damage to your skin and health. In the worst-case scenario, they might even end up giving you dangerous diseases as well. Here’s how mosquitoes can be the bone of contention for your bad health.   

Yellow Fever

These tiny creatures can lead you to serious conditions which includes the deadly Yellow fever. It lays a negative impact on your health and plays with your body’s functions adversely. The Yellow fever is a virus that causes inflammation in your brain and impacts the spinal cord with the same intensity. 

West Nile Virus 

The West Nile Virus is a disease that could go unnoticed as it doesn’t make any symptoms evident in your body. And so, this is what makes it even more dangerous.  

In majority cases, the infected person suffers from flu and it may not be as deadly in such a situation. On the other hand, the infected person might suffer a damage in the nervous system. 


One of the most common diseases caused by Mosquitoes is Malaria. It can lead to life-threatening hazards in your body as it targets your red blood cells and destroys them completely.  

Hence, your immune system could also weaken and make the situation worse. It’s only during early diagnosis that there are better chances of recovery for the infected person. 

Battling Mosquitoes in the Yard  

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes and maintain a mosquito-free yard, there’s a lot you can do to ensure it. Here’s the mosquito garden treatment CT that will help your agenda. 

Clear Out the Water 

Mosquitoes find themselves hating dryness around. It is where they find standing water that they gather around in swarms and keep buzzing around. As seen in the rainy season, they are the most populous in yards and water-abundant areas.  

And so, it is suggestible to clear the yard from standing water anywhere it is present. All your birdbaths, tarps, and pet dishes need to be shifted elsewhere to keep the mosquitoes away. 

Place a Burning Object 

It is amazing how smoke can repel mosquitoes with great efficiency. And so, you can place a burning object like that of a paper egg carton, coils, or anything that releases smoke in the back yard.  

During BBQ season, you can always keep a smoke-producing object on the barbeque grill and ensure being safe from mosquito bites. 

Grow Citrus Plants 

Citrus plants along with their crushed leaves and extracts are a natural repellent for mosquitoes. There are numerous plants that carry citrus in them and this includes oranges, basil, lemon, catnip, and so much more.  

You could grow one of these plants in your yard and the mosquitoes will find themselves far away from you. The scent and citrus is what annoys the mosquitoes and keeps them distant from places where it grows.  

Keeping the Mosquitoes Away 

Keeping yourself safe from all kinds of these viruses is vital for your health. The basic health tips that should be on top of your mind are presented here.  

  • It is important to apply an insect repellent while going out in open areas like the yard on in the woods  
  • When you dress your body with fully-covering clothing, the mosquitoes are not able to find a spot to bite and you’ll be safe always 
  • Using bed nets is advisable for mosquito-protection especially when you are headed for an outdoor night stay 
  • Staying informed of all the latest outbreaks and pandemics is a precaution that is vital to be taken  
  • Never forget to carry painkillers no matter wherever you go and stay equipped in case of medical emergencies 
  • It is preferable to keep ice buckets and refrigerators along so any insect bite can be healed before it starts to itch and swell 

The Final Word 

Mosquitoes are small creatures that can cause your mood and health great trouble. Their annoying sounds and hazardous bites can lead you to various adverse situations. Therefore, taking precautions and ensuring a safe environment for your yards is mandatory. And here, you will find everything you need to know to keep yourself safe! 

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