Benefits of Using Organic Pesticides

Mosquitoes, the nuisance disease-spreading insect that buzz around your ear and get nourishment from the blood inside and outside of the house. The fact that mosquitos are not just annoying but can result in fatal health conditions is the primary reason people don’t think twice about eliminating a bunch of mosquitoes. 

As experts, we do recommend eliminating mosquitoes from your house and backyard/ garden as soon as possible because a single mosquito can lay 100 eggs per fertilized cycle. 

There are over 200 species of mosquitoes found across the USA.

Since we all agree that mosquitoes should not be left buzzing around in civilization, the question arises, how far should we go in getting rid of them? Are the fast but harsh pesticides we use worth our health and environment safety?

Chemical-based pesticides that are commonly used in eliminating the population of mosquitoes are harmful to plants, humans as well as animals. However, over the years, thanks to the global warming campaigns, organic products are becoming more popular and accessible in the market.  

You can find almost everything organic, including pesticides. A natural/ organic pesticide is made from several plant substances produced for its defense mechanism against the pest. You can also find organic pesticides sourced from natural minerals.

There is a common misconception that organic pesticides are not as effective as chemical-based pesticides. Organic Mosquito Treatment CT is guaranteed as effective as any other pesticide in the market. 

While organic mosquito treatment is highly effective, it also comes with several benefits which we have mentioned below.

Benefits Of Handling Mosquitoes Organically

Garden/ Backyard:

Through repellents and keeping the windows shut, you can keep your house more or less mosquito-free. However, keeping the mosquito population out of your backyard is not quite as simple. 

Female mosquitoes only interact with human skin when they require nourishment for eggs; otherwise, they lay eggs in the open areas, i.e. your garden/ backyard. The open area attracts more mosquitoes. 

Due to natural elements extracted from earth and plants, organic pesticides can be sprayed on the soil and plants without any side effects. The organic application protects your plants and easily dissolves in the ground and water. With organic pesticides, you can reduce the chances of polluting and contaminating the water and soil. 


Majority of the pets sniff and lick/ take in mouth anything they find outside, especially dogs with heightened senses of smell. For pets, it’s a way of experimenting with the environment, but the harsh chemicals sprayed in your garden are not concerned with your pet’s safety. The only function of chemical-based pesticides is to kill; following this, these chemicals are very harmful to the pets in the long term and can promote lungs dysfunction as well. 

On the other hand, organic pesticides are entirely safe for the pets even if exposed directly or in the long term.

Family, Especially Children:

 Since the season of mosquitos comes every year/ seasonally, it is essential to get your area sprayed at least once. If you live in sub-tropical regions, you should spray pesticides at least twice per mosquito reason.

Similar to the pets of the house, young children like to explore the open spaces as well. Every child loves to play in the mud and grass. Developing children’s immune systems are not as robust as adults, and direct exposure to harsh chemicals can be fatal. 

Another thing, if certain species of the mosquito bite an expecting mother, the larva of the mosquito will cause congenital disabilities in your child, so can have long term exposure to harsh chemicals. Other health problems stimulated by the harsh chemicals include heart problems, lung diseases, cancer and even skin allergies. 

In short, mosquitoes are harmful to your family as well as chemical-based pesticides.

On the other hand, organic pesticides do not cause any health concerns in the long or short use in children, expecting mothers or children. 


Even if you spray the chemicals away from your garden, it can still get dissolved in the soil and water. In the long term, these chemicals can contaminate the land of your house and damage the fertility of the land. If you keep using these chemicals, there will be a time that you won’t be able to grow organic vegetables or a beautiful garden. Since chemicals don’t easily dissolve and create a layer, it can clog and pollute waterways. 

Additionally, harsh chemicals are also harmful to the good bugs such as bees and ladybugs. 

Ladybugs naturally eat the pesticides harmful for green life, and as we know, bees are vital for the human race and agriculture survival. When you use harsh chemicals to kill mosquitoes, you are also killing the good bugs.

However, organic pesticides do not kill or harm bees, ladybugs or other good bugs; neither will it clog or damage the soil.

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